MLB 2K12: Can I Get Some Animations in Player Creation?

In the last article, I talked about how the realistic use of animations in MLB 2K12 makes the game take way too long to play. While the animations are pretty, after you see them once or twice it’s easy to realize that they don’t offer the player any lasting benefit. This time, I’m here to tell you that in another case, the lack of animation causes a serious usability problem in MLB 2K12.

When creating a player, there are all kinds of things you can customize – the equipment they use, what color socks they wear, and all manner of things about your pro-to-be’s body shape. As I was building the San Diego Padres’ next superstar closer, I was excited to see the detailed controls for customizing the player’s face – there are two two-dimensional sliders that you control with both of your controller’s thumbsticks. That’s a serious control for some seriously detailed customization. But take a look at what happens when you’re adjusting these sliders:  Continue reading

Hello world!

Welcome to That Game’s UX.  Lots of places talk about games on the internet.  Graphics, sound, difficulty, it’s all discussed.  But we want to look deeper.  What about the design decisions that went into getting you acquainted with the game?  What about the menus that you have to go through every time you start it up?  Or the controls that you constantly have to fiddle with?

It’s time that the user experience world meets the gaming world.  Because gamers are users too.

We’re just getting setup here, but stay tuned.