Sending Mixed Messages with Overloaded Button Actions

Despite the fact that the Xbox 360 controller features some 11 digital buttons (plus a bunch of other stuff), games still manage to find ways to use them all. As a result, button overloading is a problem. When users anticipate one functionality and are given another, it shakes their confidence and breaks the immersion by reminding them of the controller in their hands.

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League of Legends: Genius Gameplay

League of Legends

Magic, Blades, Babes and Energy drinks

The free to play, PvP sensation League of Legends (LoL) is custom crafted to cultivate expert use. From the welcoming screens right on to the last click, Riot Games makes expertise in gameplay an obvious priority. What makes the gameplay so brilliant? Focus on intrinsic, intuitive actions and a manageable cognitive load.

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MiniTroopers: Mini is More

MiniTroopers has the right formula: simplicity. Cut the fat and present the player with a limited set of meaningful choices and your product becomes easier to grasp and enjoy. Hit the link above and be ready for a casual gaming treat. Forget signing up, screw password strength and nagging terms of use – the terms are easy: you, fun, now. Continue reading