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19 Aug Bayonetta 2: Saving Me a Trip to Wikipedia


17 Dec Elite: Dangerous: Can I Change My Name?


10 Sep WWE SuperCard: Onboarding
4 Aug Hearthstone: That New Card Smell
4 Jun MLB 14 The Show: Menu Usability Misses
21 Apr Numolition: An Exercise in Minimal Mobile Instructions
18 Mar Quarriors! for iOS: A Brief Usability Review
18 Feb Dota 2: Die Less with a Hero Build
22 Jan Rogue Legacy: It’s Hard to Quit (No, Literally)


31 Dec iOOTP 2013: Consistency Wins Championships
3 Dec Ascension: Long Drags are a Drag
12 Nov Worst Map Ever Contender: Lord of the Rings Online
15 Oct Civ V: Apparently You Can’t Save the Tutorial?
24 Sep DOTA 2: I Need A (Random) Hero
3 Sep Hotline Miami: Meaningful Backtracking
13 Aug Stay Closed: A Tale of Two Tiny Board Game Boxes
23 Jul Epic Mobile Board Game Achievements
9 Jul Madden NFL 13 Social: A Terrible First Impression
25 Jun Retro Gaming UX Fails: Choosing Plays in Great Football
4 Jun Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: Creating a Golfer is a Little Weird
21 May Madden 11 (iOS): Never, ever ignore the silent switch!
7 May When Asynchronous Multiplayer Makes Sense
23 Apr Xbox SmartGlass and Forza Horizon: Cool Tech, When It Works
9 Apr Super Stickman Golf: Accidentally Quitting Mid-Round
2 Apr Lost Cities: The Right Way to Build a Mobile Game Tutorial
26 Mar Final Fantasy XIII: Know Your Role (and Your Paradigm)
19 Mar SimCity: Tiny Maps and Tiny Zooms
12 Mar Dungeon Raid: We Need Invisible Fingers
5 Mar Final Fantasy XIII: Where is North?
26 Feb Quento: When a Title Screen Meets a Tutorial
19 Feb Origin: A Classic Example of the Diagonal Problem
12 Feb Quento: Shaking My iPhone Makes Me Sad
5 Feb 10000000: A Brief Usability Review
29 Jan 1st and Goal: Better Gaming Through Magnets
15 Jan Final Fantasy XIII: A Great Loading Screen
8 Jan Lollipop Chainsaw: User Expectations and Fuzzy Math
1 Jan Lollipop Chainsaw: The Information Scent of Notifications


18 Dec Forza Horizon: One Amazing Tutorial
11 Dec Skyrim: Four Quick Thoughts on the UI’s Usability
27 Nov Puzzle Craft: Good At Killing Time, Not Good At Usability
20 Nov Letterpress for iOS: Beautifully Simple
13 Nov XBox SmartGlass on the iPad: UX First Impressions
23 Oct Borderlands 2: Mission Information When You Need It
16 Oct A Case Study in How Not To Handle Errors
9 Oct Magic 2013 for iOS: Too Many Screens Before the Main Menu
2 Oct Borderlands 2: Thoughts on Usability
25 Sep Borderlands 2: Can There Be Too Much Loot?
18 Sep Diablo 3: Auction House Usability Revisited
11 Sep Game Accessibility Guidelines for Everyone
4 Sep Madden: Consistency in Menu UI Controls is Overrated
28 Aug Peggle: The Right Amount of Progress
21 Aug Sending Mixed Messages with Overloaded Button Actions
14 Aug Bar Oasis: When Mediocre Usability Doesn’t Really Matter
7 Aug Video Game Intro Videos Must Die (Especially on Mobile Platforms)
31 Jul Getting Lost in The Witcher 2: How Not to Build a Map
23 Jul The Witcher 2: Five Ways that Dice Poker has a Miserable UI
17 Jul Brutal Legend: A Main Menu That Will Blow Your Soul
10 Jul Three Strategies for Letting Gamers Access the World Map
3 Jul League of Legends: Menu Madness
26 Jun When Metaphors Go Bad: The Cell Phone in GTA IV
19 Jun Diablo 3: More Auction House Usability Issues
12 Jun Diablo 3: Auction House Usability is Hellish
5 Jun NHL 12: Line Editing Sucks
29 May Burnout Crash!: Show Me The Achievements
21 May Mobile Games: Tutorials Should Fit Mobile Attention Spans
15 May Breaking the Laws of Physics with Menus in MLB 2K12
8 May League of Legends: Genius Gameplay
1 May Title Screens: Because You Aren’t Done Waiting Just Yet
24 Apr MLB 2K12: Can I Get Some Animations in Player Creation?
17 Apr MLB 2K12: Annoyingly Realistic Animation
10 Apr Mass Effect 3: Blindly Upgrading Weapons
3 Apr Mass Effect 3: Keeping Track of Fetch Quests
27 Mar Draw Something: Why Can’t You Purchase Colors in the Shop?
20 Mar Mass Effect 3: Hiding Loading Screens, or Just Wasting My Time?
13 Mar MiniTroopers: Mini is More
6 Mar Kinect Sports: A New World Record!
28 Feb NHL 12: Curse of the Abbreviation
21 Feb Set: Card Games Can Be Usable Too
14 Feb NHL 12: Finding the Right Trade Partner is Hard
7 Feb Mass Effect 2: The Galaxy Map Offers Information When You Need It
2 Jan Hello world!